Saturday 22nd March, 2014


As our very first blog post, I though it would be appropriate to begin with one of our favourite days of this year, our very special engagement party.

Over the months before, we collected baskets from various op shops, created handcrafted decorations & found a most perfect lakeside location to have a stunning picnic.

On the day, we hung lights from the trees, filled jars with coloured roses, filled baskets (actually filled) with delicious hand baked bread, sweet treats & antipasto goodies for our guests to enjoy. 180 or so of our friends came to celebrate and together, we broke bread and drank as the sun set.

We couldn’t have been more blessed or happier at the end of the day.


Hand made wooden board. made by us!

Basket_engagement Flowers_In_jarsBaskets  DIY_punch DIY_punch2  Photo 22-03-2014 4 58 51 pm Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Photo 22-03-2014 9 22 06 am Photo 22-03-2014 11 13 23 am

Ladies wrapping ham & cheese for the personal touch!

Photo 22-03-2014 11 13 30 am Photo 22-03-2014 11 13 39 amPicnic_baskets_2 Photo 24-03-2014 8 37 07 pm

Lots of love, M+B

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