Easter Weekend 2014

Easter Sweetness

Easter is a most beautiful time of year, similar to Christmas, but without as much craziness! We were so grateful over Easter, for Jesus & the work of the cross and our beautiful family and friends.

All the shops close on Easter Friday, they’re closed for just one day, but you would think that on the Saturday they had been closed for a month! Hundreds and hundreds of people, doing more shopping and “stocking up” for the Sunday, when they’re closed again! It’s quite remarkable really and a little bit overwhelming.

Anyway, we had lots of family over for the weekend and we held a beautiful Easter breakfast for a friend of ours that we cherish so much. Here’s a few pics of the many beautiful moments we had!

Love M+B


Breakfast for some favouritesEaster_Breakfast2 Easter_Breakfast3

Brother reading….. a wedding magazine?


B, making delicious french toast!


Maple Syrup and milk in mineral water bottles!


A delicious Indian feast!

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