Saturday 10th May 2014

A beautiful Bridal Shower

As many of you know, I’m a newly engaged bride, well.. we’ve been engaged for 5 months now and our wedding is so very close! It’s extremely exciting and I’m learning many things about being constantly blessed and navigating my way through this amazing and beautiful season. I am incredibly blessed to have a stunning maid of honour, who has been my best friend since primary school. We’re not in each others pockets so to speak, but through everything we’re there for each other. Louise threw me a stunning bridal shower, the day before mothers day which was so special, because my gorgeous mum could join us – all the way from Melbourne! Lou did the most incredible job, the event was stress free (for me anyway), stunning, well thought out and not corny at all, which is quite an incredible feat for a bridal shower. THANK YOU!!!

Anyway, all blessings aside, I was truly touched and honoured by 20 or so incredible (and by incredible, I mean absolutely incredible) women, who shared with me excellent wisdom and covered me with love! It’s at events like this, that you truly appreciate the wives and mothers of the world.. I did anyway.

We played toilet paper brides (I was one and the other was Holly, who’s pregnant.. so she looked like a knocked up bride, which was hilarious). The dress that was designed for me was so ridiculously tight and fragile that I could barely move, so when it came to catwalking.. it was quite funny! I was the winner, because the judge was my flower girl.. of course!

All in all, it was a beautiful day, I received many amazing gifts that will contribute to my new kitchen and I vow to have every single one of those ladies over for dinner to thank them!

Here’s some snaps of the day. Don’t forget, if you’d like to keep up with us Cauchi’s you can add your details into the contact form.

Much love, B

2 Bridal shower 1

Seriously, how beautiful is that!!!!\

Bridal shower 4

Flower girls

Bridal shower 3

My Lovely sister Rosa ^

Bridal shower 5 Bridal shower 6 Bridal shower 7 Bridal shower 8 Bridal shower 9

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