May 2014

Pizza Pizza Pizza!

A couple of weeks ago, MC and I were invited to a surprise birthday party at this amazing new pizza place in the heart of Newcastle.

I’ve been to Italy and tasted incredible pizza and being the daughter of a sourdough baker, I’m quite partial to a good bit of bread.. I also have fairly high standards, but can you blame me?

We all squished into this little pizza place, and waited for our surprised birthday girl, I’m sure she had a wonderful time! The thing is though, this place was so amazing.. absolutely delicious pizza, bread, dips and authentic everything. Even down to the wine glasses, which are a “traditional” wine glass.. what most Australians would call a water glass. Barely any table service, broken English, imported Roma tomatoes and a classic wood fired oven.. the pizza was incredible, perfectly salty and the toppings were balanced and delicious, exactly like in Italy.

We had a wonderful night with great friends – apologies for the dark photos, I don’t much like flash and there was lots going on!

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Love always, M+B

Proscuitto & pear pizzapizza2 pizza3 pizza4

Organic cola ^pizza5

pizza6 pizza7

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