May 2014

Home at last!

MC and I, we found the most perfect house, which will be home for us. Our first home, our first memories together, our first furniture, linen, decor… all us.

Firstly, you should know that MC and I very much wanted to find a place within a particular budget, but a place that we could bless, entertain and enjoy as our first home together. We’re not in the market to buy yet, so renos weren’t an option, so we had to find a place that was ready for us as is. I have always dreamed of wood floors and white walls, with high ceilings and lots of light, a kitchen you can actually cook in and of course a dishwasher! We also wanted a second bedroom, so our family could come and stay.

We knew all of these things weren’t achievable, but we knew our list regardless. What we didn’t know, was that WAS possible. We stumbled across this gem, in the most unexpected way. We were attending some of our favourite friend’s house for a house warming and we fell in love with the building and the apartment that they lived in. We were so excited, we emailed the managers of the building that night, who replied to let us know there was an apartment available. We went and looked that following day, and when we arrived the manager dropped the price of the rent for us, to fit exactly into our budget. Sure enough, the loft had everything we had wished for, not one thing was missing! We applied that coming week and we were accepted as the new tenants immediately. It was a miracle to us & we are so grateful.

We are so insanely excited about this new season! Below are so pictures of it empty, and in the coming weeks we’ll post some more as we fill it with our belongings!!! We are SO blessed and grateful and can’t wait to start blessing and loving on the amazing people that come into our life.

Much love M+B


Condition reports! house2 house3 house4

The view from our french doors.. that don’t open! haha


Mc inspecting floor scratches before we moved our things in.

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