Early June 2014

 Making home…home!

We have been very slack, we have so so many photos and stories to share with you, but alas we have been lazy and pretty much NOT edited or blogged at all in 2 weeks. Shocking. Now it’s just bad because I have so many to catch up on, so maybe we’ll release another one in a couple of days.

Currently, we’re at 7 weeks away from our wedding, so exciting, we can’t wait! But in the last few weeks, we’ve been busy working on our new loft. You have probably seen the pictures already of the empty space, but now we have some furniture and we’re enjoying every single thing we put in! Last Saturday, MC and I felt that we hadn’t really had much time together (I’m living back home until the wedding & we had been crazy busy, just doing STUFF, which was heaps of fun, but eventually without any quality time, QT in our household, we start to go a bit batty!) so MC planned a beautiful surprised breakfast for me! He didn’t even set a time, which for me being very serious about Saturday morning sleep-ins, was very much appreciated! I arrived to the smell of home made pancakes and the sounds of Louis Armstrong playing on the record player. I was then handed a big bunch of absolutely beautiful orange roses, which he had plucked from the growers markets that morning and fresh juice… I was absolutely spoilt. It set the tone for a wonderful long weekend & we managed to settle our lives down again. It’s such an amazing privilege to be able to take an hour or two, to just simply enjoy the little things, which is really what this blog is all about! We found pure joy in some pancakes and fresh flowers. Don’t forget if you’d like to follow the story with us, you can follow or subscribe to email updates.

Talk soon! Love M + B x

MakingHome3 MakingHome2 MakingHome4 MakingHome5 MakingHome


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