June 2014

Vivid with friends we love!

We are SO excited about this post, we’ve had it sitting there for so long and now it’s finally ready to release! A couple of weeks ago, we set off to Sydney for Vivid, a spectacular light show put on in Sydney each year. It’s the kind of event that is lots of fun, but you have to be prepared to face crowds and we suggest going with people you really like. We roadtripped down to Sydney for an adventure with two of our best friends Louise and Geremia – and what a wonderful time we had! We drove to somewhere out of the city and caught a train into the CBD, it was FREEZING and wet, but we seemed to have just as much fun. The trains were packed and when we arrived in Sydney, the streets were absolutely FILLED with people. It’s so incredible to see so many people come and take part of an event, you get a beautiful sense of community, which is quite rare these days.

We wandered around the harbour with beanies and hot chocolate and eventually landed at the Opera House, where we watched a spectacular light show.. twice! It’s quite unbelievable the performance and if you’re in Sydney around June next year, we highly recommend that you go. Eventually, the novelty wore off and we decided that we should venture to Concord to Lou and Gerry’s favourite pizza place, somewhere they had been planning to take us for quite some time. Let the pictures tell the story, but the pizza was amazing… like… actually amazing and after being cold and wet for so long, layers of cheese and pastry was welcomed! We finished our dinner off with a dessert pizza, specifically picked by L+G and our taste buds had a party.. apple, cream, cinnamon on a sweet pizza base.. what more could you want? We probably could have polished off one more between us, but our arteries said no.

We ended our adventure with the funniest road trip we’ve ever encountered, BLASTING 90’s classics, such as & club 7 and backstreet boys the entire 2 hour drive home finished with “Hero” by Enrique. By the end of our trip our stomachs were still full, our throats were sore and our hearts were full… Can’t wait until next time!

Love M+B

Vivid1 Vivid2 Vivid3 Vivid4
Vivid6 Vivid7 Vivid8 Vivid9 Vivid10Vivid11

Vivid12The boys faces say it all!
Vivid13 Vivid14

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