June 20 2014

Rosa, turns 18 in style! 

So, it’s official, the littlest of the Qs is now all grown up and is officially an adult! It’s really quite crazy how quickly time goes, she’s my LITTLE sister and it really perplexes me that she’s 18… I mean I remember her as a baby! Anyway, she’s flourished into a stunning young woman, a complete vegan who dances her way into peoples hearts. She studies dance full time here in Newcastle and I’ve only seen her dance twice in the last year.. It’s hard to capture her shows as she only does one a year. But she really is a remarkable dancer, there’s technique and there’s style, but my Roo has soul. I hope at some point you get the honour of seeing this girl light up the stage.

Usually 18 year olds just want to get wasted in a club, Rosa opted to spend her 18th with her family and best friends. We took her to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house and then to dinner as well. We ate and laughed and enjoyed truly beautiful family moments! We were blessed to have our incredible mum travel from Melbourne as well, so all in all I think she had a beautiful birthday! We love you Rosa Q, you are sweet and special and such a blessing to us! Can’t wait for many more birthdays!


Fat Cat at Gma + Gpas place


Grandpa Carves the meet.. and yes those are the best chocolate brownies ever that I got the recipe for and WILL blog soon 🙂 Rosa_Bday2 Rosa_Bday3

The beautiful girl herself!


krondorff shiraz & fresh olive bread.. feels like Italy!

Crumble, rhubarb, lemon curd & marscapone…. what wedding diet?


CQ being devious and mumma being beautiful! Rosa_Bday8

Lots of love xxx

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