Sunday 6th July 2014

Oliver’s annual birthday party

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of joining our long time friend to celebrate his birthday. Yes, he’s that guy that has a party every year, regardless of the age he’s turning, he will party. This year, it was the type of party that we crave.. one gorgeous LONG table full of delicious food, simple flavours but full of flavour and surrounded by people we love and adore. It’s these kinds of days that make life really feel full, it’s a small and a big moment all in one. Our long term dream as a family, is to be able to to have big dinner parties where we cook for our favourite friends and family, with good music and laughs all round – it’s the stuff that life was made for!

We have started our quest, we have a table that’s being made especially for us, it’s made from recycled wood and it’s been made with love, we’ll be sure to do a blog post on it once it’s ready! Each week we are attempting to bake new and delicious things, try new flavours and it’s parties like this one that pushes us on to further our skills. We’re obsessed with simple flavours, homely meals that nourish and fill you with life.

The best breakfast/lunch/dinner parties are usually the simplest, We encourage you – throw one! Bless someone who might be a bit low or just simply have a special dinner with your family. No one minds if you burn the vegetables or over season the meat.. put on your favourite frank sinatra album, follow a new recipe light some candles, pick some flowers from the park and invite those into your home that you love, cherish and make your week beautiful.

Here’s some photos of the moments we enjoyed the most – we bet you can taste the goodness! Oli_1 Oli_2 Oli_3 Oli_4 Oli_5 Oli_6 Oli_7 Oli_8 Oli_9 Oli_10

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