D & M

Daniel & Marly’s engagement party

July 2014

We have some very special and wonderful family members.. Michael’s brother is engaged to an absolutely wonderful girl named Marly. They actually got engaged in the same week as us (it was a fabulous time of year for it) but their wedding isn’t until next year, so they didn’t have their engagement until just recently. They are beautiful people, hardworking, honest, kind and crazy creative. We don’t see them nearly as often as we would like to, we don’t go to the same church, but their hearts are for the kingdom just like ours which is a beautiful journey to be on together. It’s so wonderful to be on a similar journey at the same time, to have a brother and a sister (to be) experiencing the same life experiences is truly special, from not being annoyed at how much we talk about weddings to just thinking of the joy it will be to raise our children together makes us so happy. We so hope that our lives intertwine more and more and that we can build strong family foundations together.

D+M threw a beautiful engagement party, with all the good stuff – great food, fantastic company and lots of special touches like open fires and an AMAZING cake. We had a ball and were so overjoyed to see both Daniel and Marly have an amazing time. There is something so precious about celebrating two people who are in it for the long haul, we can see M+D are for real and we love that their love and faith is strong enough to get them through whatever life may bring.

Here are a few pictures from the day, we weren’t the official photographers so we didn’t take it too seriously, but here are a few special moments that we enjoyed.

M+D M+D1

Bella may have spent majority of the set up time running around the garden to bring her “kinfolk” table idea to life.. Marly had the overall vision and B ran with it.. and here it is! She’s quietly quite proud of her efforts 🙂

Little Elissa enjoying the punch!


Food served directly to the table.. how it should be!


The fab food table and Daniel the groom!


M+D – the gorgeous couple!


Playing silly while on carpark duty…M+D8 M+D9

Beautiful bubbles!M+D10 M+D11

Serious cake excitement!M+D12 M+D13We love you M+D – all the best!!!! Can’t wait until your wedding!!!!

Much love M+B


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