August 2014

 New Zealand Honeymoon!

Hooray we’re here! After so long waiting, we’re married and so so happy about it! We will get to doing a wedding post, but we’re going to wait until we have fully looked through our wedding photos from our professional photographer. We will tell you this though, we had the BEST day, everything went as perfectly as we imagined (to our surprise) and we have now been married for a whole MONTH. Weird.

Anyway, for our honeymoon, we went to New Zealand, because it was winter and we like fires, wine and stunning views. New Zealand offered us more than we could imagine and we have the most incredible time, however we were so happy to come home to see all of our favourite people and start settling into our home together. It’s funny how much you love travelling, but just being together, doing the mundane things is just as exciting.

We will upload segments of our honeymoon at a time, because there’s lots of photos and stories to share. Starting with our first and second destinations; Christchurch and Akaroa.

Our very first time overseas together and we had nooo idea what we’d be like as travelers… we’ve both traveled before, but with other friends and family and not each other, but we can safely say that we are each others favourite travel companion. Despite a few scary moments, we had a very low stress and extremely FUN trip!

Christchurch is an unusual town, it reminded us both of Maitland.. fairly laid back, low key and not a lot to do, but plenty of places to roadtrip too if you wish. We didn’t have our phone service so we used maps a lot (until we figured out you can PRE PLAN your trip on your phone in apple/google maps at the hotel wifi) So clever!

We were pretty exhausted from the wedding and midnight flights so Christchurch was a great place to relax and recover. A trip to a giant maze and a sweet town called Akaroa, which is a French Settlement, made Christchurch thoroughly enjoyable. Can we just note though, PETROL is supppper expensive in NZ, at laest $2.30 a litre!!!! We did plenty of driving so that was an unexpected cost! Here’s some photos from our first few days…


^ This is MC in this giant maze which was surprisingly fun!

Coffee1We finally found good coffee which we were overjoyed with. Thank you Beanhunter! akaroa 2

Akaroa… wow! A perfect balance of lake, mountains and civilization. We saw so much of New Zealands greener countryside and it was actually breathtaking. We stopped for fish and chips by the sea and just sat and stared at the wonder of untouched scenery.

akaroa 3 akaroa 4 akaroa

Next stop was Wanaka, which was about a 6 hr drive from Christchurch. We’ll write some more about Wanaka soon, but the drive was truly spectacular. dam Here’s B at a huge dam we found…^^drive_to_wanaka

And this was the view that we were chasing the whole time, our first look at snow capped mountains! We will never forget the moment, after driving through never ending green rolling hills and mountains, long winding roads in the road (with Bon Iver playing, a truly beautiful moment), we drove round a bend and BAM there they were – in our face! Majestic and designed mountains that have stood still for so many years, white with snow.. we were in awe. Honestly one of the most stunning things about NZ are the mountains. These photos aren’t too close, because we wanted to remember that moment when we saw them straight on for the first time.

drive_to_wanaka1Oh NZ, we would visit you countless times more..

Wanaka next!

With love, M+B xx


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