August 2014


New Zealand Continued to Mount Cook

Back again! I think there will only be 1 more NZ post, and maybe another cool one in between of something else. We just have SO many photos and stories to tell so we’ll break it up nicely.

We had the extreme blessing from Ms parents of our honeymoon.. without them, I’m not sure we would have had much of a honeymoon! Initially, we were a little sad about not being able to plan our own honeymoon, however the further we got into our wedding prep, we were so grateful for the incredible blessing it was to not even have to plan ANYTHING. We were given an itinerary and told where to be and when and it was simply incredible.

We hit one roadblock when we were in Wanaka, because our next stop was to be to the West Coast, where the glaciers are (Franz Josef). It’s about a 4 hour drive from Wanaka to Franz Josef, where we were to stay 2 nights and then drive to Tekapo for 1 night before returning home. On the map, Tekapo and Franz Joseph look super close to each other, however due to the mountains the drive is actually 7 hours long!!!! The weather was also not too good so chances of the glacier being closed were really high.. this made us reconsider our trip and change our plans. We were finally relaxed and didn’t want to spend so many hours in the car, so we decided to head to Mt Cook instead, which is also glacier but ON the way to Tekapo, and then head straight to Tekapo!

The drive t Mt Cook was only 2 hours, so nice and quick and there were more astonishing mountains to stare at.. we actually got a speeding ticket for being so lost in the scenery! So funny, NZ road rules are a little different to ours!

Mt Cook 1 Mt Cook 2 Mt Cook 3 Mt Cook 4

We drove past this lake, called Pukaki, it’s HUGE, it actually took us 40 minutes to drive past the whole thing. Amazing.

We arrived at Mt Cook shortly after and stayed in a really cool Motel. Mt Cook is a really creepy place, only 50 people live there. Apparently more live there in Summer but in Winter there’s hardly anyone! There’s no fuel station, 2 or 3 cafes and not much else, BUT you are surrounded by this crazy mountain, actually surrounded, we could see it from our window..actually we could see it everywhere we looked. It’s the most majestic place we’ve ever been.. M was sure the zombies would come. We went on this crazy trek where you’re meant to see glaciers and icebergs at the end, however the weather went bad so we only made it two thirds of the way.

Mt Cook 5 Mt Cook 6 Mt Cook 7 Mt Cook 8 Mt Cook 9 Mt Cook 10

Suspension bridges and more snow.. These bridges were probably 100m above the ground with a river below it was such a beautiful site, but also a teeny bit scary!

Mt Cook 11 Mt Cook 12

Also.. I discovered snow is so delicious to eat after a long walk, like ice cold water!

We ate dinner in a crazy backpackers hotel, the food was TERRIBLE but we had the best breakfast of our entire trip at the Mountaineers lodge so Mt Cook balanced itself out..

Next, we’re heading to Lake Tekapo! Check back mid next week to see the most beautiful place we’ve ever seen!

Much love

M+B x

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