August 2014


New Zealand – Lake Tekapo 

So here we are, the last of the NZ posts. We will finally get back to posting normally, so each Wednesday you can visit our site to see stories, ideas and perhaps some inspiration – but mostly just the happenings of our life!

We left off at Mount Cook, on our way to Lake Tekapo, which I have to say was my favourite place in NZ (that we visited). It’s less visited, absolutely freezing and just stunning. You actually can’t look anywhere without there being some splendid amazing view that you actually have to pick your jaw up off the ground!

Lake Tekapo feature some outdoor springs, the lake itself, snow fields and a tiny town that has enough restaurants to go around and that’s about it. We used our time at Lake Tekapo to just relax, eat and drive. One morning, we woke up to 30cm of snow, it was so wonderful! We had to scrape the snow off the car which I found highly amusing!!! It was seriously like waking up on Christmas morning, white everything.. I remember having a little dance for joy with M because we were so happy.

Hot springs are fun too, it’s super weird though, because you’re in your swimmers in the SNOW, but the water is so so warm, I felt like I properly thawed out after the freezing experiences in Queenstown! The water was 38 degrees which is just bearable for a while and then we found ourselves venturing to the cooler pools.. you are surrounded by snow, so it’s crazy because when you hop from pool to pool your feet freeze and it crunches under your feet but yet, you’re still hot. I guess it’s like going swimming in summer on a boiling hot day. Same sensation.

Here are some pictures of a sunset that we stumbled across, we drove accidentally out of town and ended up with this view. Best accident ever. Tekapo2Tekapo1
Stunning right!Tekapo5

WTekapo6e also went for a very scenic drive up to round hill ski park, as I mentioned before we didn’t want to ski, but we definitely had a good squelch around. To get there though, we had to drive on this ridiculous road around hairpin turns, I actually thought our car would fall off the hill because there were no fences!!Tekapo7

Tekapo8There is also a beautiful chapel in Lake Tekapo, which apparently has a LOT of weddings. I can understand why…Tekapo3

And on the drive back from the snow, we noticed some DEERS!! So I made MC pull over and I ran, actually sprinted up this hill to quickly see them and hopefully take a photo.. but as SOON as we’d pulled over they had run over the mountain and disappeared. But I did manage to capture a picture with the zoom lens..Tekapo9 Tekapo10

Tekapo11And that is a hawk.

So yes. That’s the end, after that amazing adventure we drove back to Christchurch, stayed in a seedy hotel at the airport, flew home and got stuck into our life as us! So now the story has been told, we can continue to blog all of the wonderful things that happen in a normal week.

We loved New Zealand and will be back before long, absolutely beautiful and peaceful place.

Until next Wednesday,

Lots of Love, M+B





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