Siblings in Sydney on Saturday

September 2014

Hello again! Welcome back to the funshinediaries blog, where we love to share stories of our life that hopefully entertain and inspire you in some way.. We believe that life is always worth celebrating, so on here we share our week to week adventures, big or small we try to make them exciting!

Last Saturday B’s brother Chris initiated a Sydney adventure, he needed to buy a new amp from Coogee and so naturally somehow all the siblings ended up going. Rosa, Chris, Bella and Michael. We live 2 hours out of Sydney, so when we go there we try and tick as many boxes as possible. MC and I needed to buy a bed from Ikea, Rosa just wanted an adventure and we also wanted to visit some family.. so off we went!

On the drive down, we saw a funny pink car, 3 out of 4 of us were convinced the car was pink.. however we had a dark horse in the car who was 100% certain the car was PURPLE.. B tried to google it with no luck, so Chris decided he’d go straight to the source and called Mitsibishi. He gets a sales consultant named Andrew, who I think was a bit perplexed by Chris’ hilarious conversation.

“Hi, yes.. I’m on the highway and I’ve just seen a rather small car of yours, that I’m interested in.. yes, it seems to be a pinky – purple colour, can you elaborate which car it is? Yes I’m very interested, but I’m not entirely sure what colour it is… mulberry you say? Oh that’s interesting? yes it’s for my girlfriend.. yes, $10990, that’s a good price, so would you say that it’s closer to a pink or a purple? Because pink is a bit “barbie” where as purple.. well.. you know.. oh PINK yes, I agree, I’d say it’s pink too.. yes, thank you Andrew.. um no I don’t want to purchase it right now, perhaps when I get to Sydney, perhaps when I get home..alright thanks Andrew, have a great day!”Sydney1

So there you have it, the car was PINK. It was absolutely hilarious! Sorry if that wasn’t as funny to you as it was to me, but it’s a good memory. Moving on. Here is a photo of a nice bush from Coogee..Sydney2

Chris got his amp, so he was happy. Next stop Calypso juice bar! Calypso is a juice bar owned by our Auntie Lucie and Uncle Blake.. it’s actually one of the coolest bars I’ve been to. Delicious juice, food and all so healthy!Sydney3 Sydney5 Sydney6

Look at this beauty! ^Sydney7 Sydney8

Acai Smoothies.. ^Sydney4

That’s our Auntie ^

If you’re in Matraville – go there. We all piled back into the car and headed to Ikea. MC and I desperately needed a new bed, and every bed place in newcastle either sells UGLY beds or they’re totally overpriced, so we found one online we liked at ikea and headed there. It’s the craziest place, sooo full on and you really have to be on a mission to go there and know what you want! It’s quite overwhelming. But yes, we got the bed..we weren’t too sure if it would actually fit in our Golf, but I’m a firm believer of “everything fits somehow” in the Golf! It was a hilarious experience squeezing in these HUGE boxes.. here’s some pictures.  Sydney11Sydney13Sydney10

HAHA look how squished we were! Rosa and Chris were squished so close, lucky they’re siblings otherwise it would have been awkward. Michael’s face says it all!

My favourite part of the day by far was visiting Lucie and her son Max. Max is our cousin and he is 1.5yrs old, he’s just starting to talk properly and he runs everywhere. Family is so special and I felt so grateful that day to a. have such beautiful siblings and b. for distant family that no matter how far apart you are you still slot back together like you never left. Sydney15 Sydney12 Sydney14

What a beautiful day! Sometimes it really is the simplest things that warm your hearts. I so wish we got to see our little Max and Lucie and Blake more often but they’re just a drive away. How good is family? So good.

That’s it for us today, thank you for reading.. see you next Wednesday.

Lots of love, M+B


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