October 2014

We were on a boat!

For those of you that don’t know us, this is the blog of Michael and Bella, we’re novocastrians that love exploring. We blog each Wednesday, follow on to get a little weekly dose of entertainment!

Yes! Last Saturday, we went on a boat. Not any boat either, a very special boat, a YWAM Medical boat. YWAM is an organisation that empowers youth to do something with their lives! Across the world, thousands of youth gather to make change in their world. I am by no means an expert, but I’m inspired by the work of YWAM. On Saturday, we took part in a tour that took us aboard the YWAM ship that heads to PNG to provide aid to remote communities. It was a remarkable experience. The ship is an ex cruise boat that used to cruise the Whitsundays. YWAM haven’t fully purchased the ship yet, and so part of the tour was to encourage those aboard to give toward this mission. Here’s some photos of our experience! The ship was docked at Newcastle harbour.

LongWeekend_1 LongWeekend_2We boarded with a really cool guy from Fiji who showed us the ins and the outs of the ship. LongWeekend_4

LongWeekend_5 LongWeekend_6 LongWeekend_7 LongWeekend_8 LongWeekend_9LongWeekend_10We learned about this fold up solar power dentist chair that they take to the MOST remote communities in PNG to give those who need it dental care. If you would like to know more click here – YWAM ships need your help! Here is the dentist chair…


We loved seeing the realness of the ship and seeing the potential of lives being saved and helped.

We love our city Newcastle, it’s beautiful. LongWeekend_12

The boat is docked near Blue Water Pizza in Newcastle, if you’d like to go and see, it will be there until this Saturday, the 11th October,

See you next Wednesday,

M+B xx

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