October 2014

Italia Day with some of our favourite Italians

Ciao! So lovely to have you here again, we so appreciate those who take the time to read our crazy stories! Last week, on the October Long Weekend, we made yet another trip to Sydney, for another adventure. Yes, you’d think we’re sick of it now, but the Italian Film Festival doesn’t come to Newcastle, so we didn’t have much option. We received a letter from MC’s papa a few weeks ago, with a brochure for the Sydney Italian Film Festival and an encouragement to go. Straight away. MC shared that he thought it would be fun to go with our friends Lou and Gerry.. and I, well I shot him down saying they’re too cool for something like that. It was only a day later I was talking with Lou and she said they were going to the film festival the same day we had planned! Crazy! So naturally, we had to go together. Gerry is Italian, ( a legit one) so in honour of him, we had ITALIA DAY! Our day began in Leichhardt, (of course) for a traditional (as possible) Italian Lunch. You would expect to be able to find an amazing Pizza or Pasta in Leichhardt, but apparently not.. so many of the shops that once were there have closed down. There are a couple of places in the Piazza that have what seems to be “Authentic” Italian however we were too impressed by the meals.. what’s happened to you Italian Capital of Sydney? Italia_7
Still beautiful though…  It almost feels like Italy, which is especially nice. Italia_6

Look at that! Italy?Italia_9

No matter how quiet this place is, it’s still beautiful… Italia_8

Lunch is served!Italia_4


And off we go to the mooooovies!Italia_3

On our way out, this HUGE plane flew over us, and it was SO loud that almost in sync, all of us said “whoooooah”.. and then this drugged up lady went off her rocker at us yelling “OH LOOK AT THAT, OH MY IT’S A (expletive) PLANE – IMAGINE THAT AN (expletive) PLANE FLYING IN THE SKY – THAT’S WHAT THEY (expletive) DO YOU KNOW… (expletive)”..!!!!!! We actually couldn’t believe it! We didn’t know what to believe, is all awe and wonder now allowed these days? So odd, but it did cause a few hilarious jokes to be made… “MC, don’t be amazed by that person doing that, that’s what they do you know!”. That is something we won’t forget in hurry!Italia_5


Here’s a picture of the plane, so you can feel in the moment. Huge right?

We went and saw “The Mafia Kills only in Summer” (at the Chauvel Cinema) which is meant to be a comedy, it WAS quite funny.. but it was kinda of a drama/comedy. It’s great though, I highly recommend seeing an Italian Movie, a great experience. All in subtitles and it’s much quirkier than any normal movie, great fun! We left the boys to go and buy some water…cute right? They look like a sweet couple……Italia_2

Afterward, we of course had to finish off Italia Day by having gelato on the harbour. (terrible iphone photo)Italia_10

What a day! We hope we can have Italia Day every year, it’s great fun.

What’s your favourite Italian tradition?

See you next Wednesday, much love

M+B xxx



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