October 2014


A wonderful weekend! 

Usually, we just post about 1 cool thing we’ve been up to, but this post is about a very FULL weekend! We are so blessed to be part of a community, that is our local church. We are so thankful to be a part of a community that helps one another, a family that sees a need and just goes out and meets it. It’s definitely something special to give of your own time and efforts to bring value to the people around you.

Each year, as a Church, we participate in a community event called City Serve. It’s a great moment to actively get out into the community and absolutely BLESS it. Last year as a movement, we restored all the Surf Clubs in the Region, making them look shiny brand new. This year there were over 35 projects, one of which was Mitchell Park Grandstand, one of the biggest grand stands in our community. On Saturday we rolled up our sleeves and got into painting to restore this grandstand to its original self. (even the kids got involved!)1 2 3 5

We’re not painters, or carpenters or anything special, just a group of people who are willing to serve. It’s such a great and fulfilling feeling; helping others, especially to be able to bring a noticeable difference to the local community. And just quietly we (MC) kind of like painting, it’s so therapeutic!

We topped the day off by making some delicious tradition American hotdogs with some of our favourite people in the world. Our hips were furious but our curiosity was unbearable, so we just had to try them!6 7 8

Sunday we went to a HUGE picnic lunch with the Church community mentioned above (some of them).9

Look! Cutest Magpie, a BABY one! MC actually handfed the mama, but we weren’t quick enough with the camera 😦 1210

So having a look through our blog, you might see that we kinda like kids, especially our close family ones. These are the best sort of kids; adorable, well behaved and best of all they love us! Every now and then we get to “babysit” and we get to play mummy and daddy for an afternoon (haha) As newlyweds, we find this helps a lot with clucky-ness…. So we look at it like this; we get to practice, we get our “fake family fix”, and at the end of the adventure we can go home to our clean and ordered (and quiet) life. There is definitely something exciting about the thought of one day to have our own family, but until then we are happy to wait and babysit!13 16 15

Oh and MC got a new bike, so that’s exciting too. What a weekend!

Plan a picnic, babysit for some friends, make a hotdog.. you will be overjoyed!

See you next Wednesday!




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