An ocean walk…


October 2014

Hey there! Thank you for being here.. we love knowing people are on our blog, having a little read. This blog is a tribute to appreciating the simple things.. One of our favourite things to do, is walk around the beaches.. yes for exercise, but mostly because the view/sounds/smells are spectacular! Often, when life is busy and complicated, we find great solace in a simple walk around the beach. We have a rule in our marriage: if we can’t make a serious decision or if we’re snapping at each other, we need a good dose of nature.. and in this case, the ocean! We live so close to this phenomenal creation and so often we forget to enjoy it’s magnificence!

So friends, this post is  simply photos of one of our favourite past times. We start at Bar Beach and walk to Merewether Beach usually, however on this occasion, we stopped at dixon because there were SO many seagulls and a PERFECT sunset.. so we took photos instead..

Our challenge to you is, get outdoors! Head to the ocean, breathe in the salt, exhale your fears and be at peace in it’s presence!

Here are some photos, happy Wednesday! ps. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS CITY!!!!!Beach_walk_1

Gloomy waters, but so soulful… Beach_walk_2How funny are those collector guys? The metal detector guys! Do they even find anything???Beach_walk_3

Beach_walk_4 Beach_walk_5 Beach_walk_6 Beach_walk_7 Beach_walk_8 Beach_walk_9 Beach_walk_10

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