A very sweet weekend 


November 2014

Hi there friend! We don’t always just write about our weekends, but sometimes is it so hard to capture our weeknight antics. Both of us work full time hours, so our days are filled with work. Last week, B headed to Sydney for a ladies conference with Dr Caroline Leaf – a truly inspirational speaker, a cognitive neuroscientist who speaks about the power of the mind and how your brain is wired more positively than it is negatively. Check our her work here, here and here! B was with a group of beautiful women from our local church.Everywoman Everywoman 1

We did have one rouge man join us & that was sweet Theodore (pictured below). Everywoman 2

Everywoman 4

When B returned home, we went from a beautiful evening walk & got stuck in the rain! Randomly we both felt like blueberry pancakes.. so we made them for dinner. It’s so fun to sometimes break out of the norm, if you’re feeling adventurous, HAVE PANCAKES FOR DINNER! It’s silly, messy and so fun! This is what we mean by finding the light and the joy in every situation, we came home wet from the rain and what could have been a “too tired” night in, instead it was a hilarious pancake adventure. Sometimes when B was growing up, her mama would randomly buy an apple pie for dinner and her family would consume it with ice-cream and not feel guilty at all! Yes, we are extremely healthy conscious, whole food spirulina consuming people, but pancakes for dinner (although they were pretty healthy), weren’t food for the body, but instead food for the soul & the heart. B didn’t know M had the camera!!Pancakes 2

Pancakes 1 Pancakes 4 Pancakes 3 Pancakes 5 Pancakes 6

For extra happiness, we say break a routine occasionally: eat the pancakes or the apple pie, have a teaparty at 2am, go for a run late at night together, paint a wall, buy a silly cushion, turn off the tv, DANCE in the kitchen & above all, remember every moment that brings you joy!

(Ps. here’s a pic of B’s sister Rosa. She borrowed our camera & left this on it – stunning!)Rosa_dancing


Lots of love,


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