November 2014


So friends, as of tomorrow, it’s 6 weeks to Christmas – our favourite time of year! we hope to be blogging our first married Christmas together, which is so exciting! Annually we are apart of Carols by the Beach but as well we love to celebrate with as many people as we can! We encourage you to pull out the camera this year & write down the memories you would love to cherish for years to come.

The past weeks have been so crazy for us, all fun and all wonderful, but sleep is lacking and photographs are piling up! It’s been a beautiful challenge to blog weekly because it completely encourages us to continue building our craft while remembering each moment in the process. It’s this time of year that the little things get missed and life gets busy – there’s trees to buy, cards to write and ham to cook, but in all of that, remember it’s this season that many people feel sad more than any other time of year. Let’s not forget to bless those who need it most, perhaps you could make an extra batch of gingerbread men and leave them quietly on your neighbors door, perhaps even throw a gift card in a letterbox for someone who might need it more than you!

This week we celebrated to incredible launches (hence the blog title). The first was for our beautiful friend Claire Hardy, who kinda of fell into our life by accident but has become a treasured family member. This past weekend she celebrated the launch of her long term dream – her very own salon – Hardy’s on Hunter. 3

This piece was drawn by B’s mum – stunning! (below) The artwork is made up of thousands of tiny dots. 6 7 8 10 12 14 15 16

We cannot begin to explain how proud we are of this generous soul, not only is she extremely talented in her field, she is hardworking, a BIG dreamer, creative, thoughtful and kind. We celebrated with great food, music and cheer and we’re so excited for the years and adventures to come! Check out her salon if you’re in town!

We also launched our new line of clothing, a collaboration with Vanessa from @artistsketchbook – you can see what we’ve been working on here. slider-02

Finally, we are excited to share some photos of a super exciting venture that we’re so honoured to be part ofOur church family has been working on an EP for quite sometime. We’ve watched the songs come to life over the last year; they’re beautiful, soulful and will enrich those who hear them. We had the pleasure of heading to the recording studio to help (in a tiny way) and watch it being created. The EP will be launched in March 2015. More to come on that later. Album_1 Album_2 Album_3 Album_4

And that’s it folks!

Much love, M+B x

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