November 2014

Can you believe that it is mid November already? I genuinely feel like.. well yesterday was Christmas! Apparently we’ve been married for almost months and Christmas is only 5 or so weeks away, so this time of year has sprung!

As we always say, it’s so important this time of year to give thanks in all situations. Last week we were invited to a Thanksgiving dinner as part of our Churches creative team annual celebration. We don’t traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but I think we should! We don’t even know what it really was traditionally for, I suppose we could just Google that.. yeah… maybe later. But what we do understand, is that it’s about being thankful and.. well.. eating! Both of things we’re very good at and we’re happy to celebrate anything that involves being thankful and food!

Here’s some pictures from a delicious festive evening, filled with laughs, love and Christmas music!! Goodness, they bring so much joy as I look at them, how beautiful are these moments!

Here are the beautiful ladies (and man) mostly responsible for the spread.. Thanksgiving_11 Thanksgiving_12Always full of life and wonderful recipes!

What a display! Thanksgiving_5

Some serious book reading and dancing… (can you spot the outdoor readings peeking in?)Thanksgiving_7

Thanksgiving_10 Thanksgiving_9 Thanksgiving_8

The best of friends (and food)Thanksgiving_3 Thanksgiving_2 Thanksgiving_1

Happy Thanks giving friends! 

Love M+B

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