November 2014


Our first Christmas tree!

There are many firsts when you are newly married, they are each exciting in their own way. The first holiday, fight, furniture purchase..etc… but one first we were extremely excited about was our very first family Christmas tree! There is something special about bringing two families together, both with their own traditions and ideas about what a tree entails! For me, (B), I grew up with BIG trees, sometimes real but always covered from head to toe in gold and decorations, we never had matching decorations, but an eclectic special mess – we had what I call an “Honest” tree! They always stood tall in the lounge, as beautiful as can be and a special memory for me decorating it with my sister in the later years of life.

For us, we knew this was an opportunity to create our own traditions and memories. Usually, I would wait until December to put up the tree, but for some reason this year – excitement got the best of us and we couldn’t wait.. so up the tree went! We chose to record this memory with photos, taking turns to capture the natural and special moments. I know in 20 years time I’ll be excited to look back and remember this moment.

Firstly we had to find the perfect tree, she had to be FULL and thick, but not too fat otherwise she’d take up the whole lounge room! We wanted some texture in the greenery and as “tree like as possible” (you know how there are white trees? not for us!!!) Truth be told, we wanted a REAL pine tree, but logistics got the better of us, so we settle for this beautiful TALL tree!

Christmas_tree_4 Christmas_tree_3

It’s such a fun experience pulling all the pieces out and assembling it. We had glasses of red, and Michael Buble blaring in the background, perhaps if we had danced less we might have put it up in half the time! Christmas_tree_6 Christmas_tree_5


The light we had were from our wedding, we didn’t realise but they were broken in the process of pulling them down, soooo naturally, we got out our pliers and electrical tape and put them back together! M got electrocuted (kinda) and I learned how to repair lights! Christmas_tree_7 Christmas_tree_8
Tinsel is a funny subject, pretty much everyone I know hates the stuff, but for some reason I think it works.. judge if you may, but there’s something so special about that shiny, glittering sparkly stuff! Of course it has to be the fancy, soft expensive stuff.. but hey, I love it. I refuse to use any colour other than gold, but the final result is stunning!


My mum had this tradition of buying a new decoration each year, one that reflected the moment of that year passed and hope for Christmas and the coming year. I really wanted to keep this tradition going, so we chose one together. We ended up with a gorgeous trumpet, with the significance of this year being the year of JOY! Triumphant trumpet! Christmas_tree_10

Here we are putting the star on the top and feeling very happy and Chrismassy! How beautiful and fun, Christmas_tree_11 Christmas_tree_12

Enjoy your tree putting up friends, you only get to do it once a year…

Lots of love and jingle bells,


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