December 2014


Blessing and Honour

Lately, MC and I have been working on a creative project that was birthed by a great friend Gab and myself a few months ago.

Sometime in September, Gab sent me a text saying “I Just had a day dream that you and I opened a cute store that sold beautiful paper, cards and home wares and it was called Blessing and Honour”.. it was the sweetest message, and it got my creative mind going..

One thing you should know about me, is I’m wrapping paper obsessed.. actually just paper obsessed. I love the feel of different paper, the colours, textures, layering things and of course gift giving! Considering it was September, I thought – what a perfect time to start creating something  that could bless people this Christmas.

I love the creative process of working with artists, designers and people who are passionate about handmade and local goods. For us, it’s not about business or money, it’s the simple love and passion for paper goods and blessing others. The joy that comes to someones face when they receive a gift that has been lovingly wrapped and a card that has inspired the giver to write words of love and joy!

A few months on, we’ve worked with Vanessa (my mama), Louise, a wonderful friend and are ready for our very first market this weekend. The drawings that have come out of these incredible artists, are so much more beautiful than anything I could create, we’ve layered detailed drawings with photographs, typography and printed them onto recycled card.. Here’s some photos.

If you’re interested, we’ll be at the Olive Tree Markets this Saturday otherwise you can visit our Etsy Store. 

Much love


All_Cards Home_for_christmas_1 Hot_ele_Balloon Owl_1 reindog_1 Wonderful_Christmas_1 Deer_tag_4 Deer_tag_6 Deer_1 Wreath_paper_1 Deer_Paper_1 Carols_Paper_1 Snowflake_4


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  1. Reblogged this on Gabi McDonald and commented:
    Here is the story behind Blessing and Honour, our latest creative venture! And quite possibly my all time favourite. Beautifully written and pictured by one of my favourites – Bella Cauchi.

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