Olive Tree Markets


December 6

If you’ve read our previous post, you would be aware of our recent creative project, Blessing & Honour. Birthed out of the love for paper, design and the art of gift giving.. B and a few friends pulled together something that ended up being bigger than anticipated.

Now 4 weeks old, B+H has made 1000+ Christmas Tags, hundreds of sheets of paper and 500 Christmas cards.. how did that happen? What is more exciting, is that we’ve sold almost 50% of all of our stock. We have shipped orders to most of Australia and to 2 states in the US (all in 2 weeks!). We’ve had stock stolen.. from the post and people ordering 2nd lots of things because they loved the first lot so much.

We were intrigued by the idea of markets, especially the nature of supporting local and giving people a little something “extra” for Christmas! So we inquired about the Olive Tree Markets, run by the beautiful Justine at the Junction Public School. Along with 170 other stall holders (one of them being my dad) we set up a market on a fine Saturday!

Here are a few pictures of our day, we got so carried away we forgot to document everything, but they definitely share the general overview! What a beautiful thing a market is, especially your local one. We had so much support, especially from people we’ve never met or seen ever before, encouragement from people saying they love our vision, and others saying they love our stock, but encouragement is encouragement and it is so much sweeter when coming from a stranger!

Here’s some pics.. Setting up the stall at 7am!

Market_1 Market_2

We encourage you to shop big and support small this Christmas, there will be one more market on the 20th December, same place!Market_3 Market_4 Market_5 Market_6 Market_7


We also had our dear friend Claire over, and the table looked too good not to photograph! yum!IMG_6913

Lots of love, B+M

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