December 2014


Painting & parties

Wow! What a weekend. Apparently we completely missed Wednesday and so for the first time in a long time, we missed our Wednesday blog, however it’s a crazy busy season and I’m sure it’s Wednesday somewhere right? right???

B’s mum recently moved back to Newcastle and has found a little place around the corner from us! It’s a sweet little cottage that needed some help, but the foundations of this place are so good. B’s sister also graduated her Diploma of Dance and had her final Newcastle concert and our Church had it’s annual Christmas party which is an event in itself! So, our weekend was full of paint, dance and Christmas cheer!

We helped to paint the walls of Ness’ new place so she can settle in nicely, Mums_House_1 MC loves painting.. B loves it for.. about 2 hours and then she’s done!!! In the end the house looks great, but gosh it’s hard work! A stray cat joined us as well, such a friendly cuddly cat! 5Mums_House_2 Mums_House_3 Mums_House_4

Our c3nc Christmas party was an absolute blast, each year we play ‘secret santa” and it’s SUCH fun
! Everyone participates in a twisted version of Secret Santa and many ridiculous gifts end up under the tree. It’s so fun to celebrate Christmas with family and friends that aren’t your “normal” family that you see on Christmas day! C3nc_christmas_2014_1 C3nc_christmas_2014_2 C3nc_christmas_2014_3 C3nc_christmas_2014_4 C3nc_christmas_2014_5 C3nc_christmas_2014_6We cherish our church family, they are the most supportive, loving and inspiring people who we would do anything for. Community is a gorgeous thing!

This weekend we’re extremely excited about our Carols by the Beach event! MC is hosting and BC is singing, hope to see you there! 

Hope to see you at carols and have a lovely week!

M+B x


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