December 2014

Carols by the Beach 2014

Ahhhhhhh it’s here friends and fam!!! CHRIIIISTMMMASSS!!!! What a wonderful time of year, my goodness what a year it has been! We had THE most glorious weekend singing our lungs out by the seaside getting extremely salty, but having an absolute ball. As you may have read in previous blog posts, each year our church puts on a Carols event by the beach. Our goal is to hold an event that is honest, celebrates Christmas and blesses the community. In my opinion, usually around Christmas time, events tend to get very “flash”, but it’s too much. We as a community sometimes needs to get back to the original excitement of Christmas, singing carols surrounded by loved ones, eating, laughing and celebrating family & community together. When did carols events become so glitzy, almost a competition who can have the biggest sets, a crazy “show” and as many celebrities as possible… Carols by the Beach is exactly my type of event, not because we put it on, but because it’s honest, we do carols well, it’s a polished event but it’s genuine. We sing carols, we run a charity event to feed the hungry and that’s about it.

We had such a marvelous time, we are so grateful to run along side some incredible people, hundreds of people come together to make this event a reality, no one gets paid and there’s no glory in it for anyone, it’s pure commitment for bringing a community together. Hours and hours of meetings, collaborations, thousands of emails, hours spent finding sponsors, ticking boxes, band rehearsals, phone calls, designs, more designs, communication checks, marketing, more marketing, logistics, run sheets & more, to bring families together and celebrate the truth of Christmas together under the stars.

What a team! Here’s a few pictures from the event, taken by an array of people (I was on stage for most of it so I didn’t manage to take many pics) our beautiful friend Gab took a few for us too!

Setting up.. (started at 8am!!!)CBTB CBTB_3CBTB_4 CBTB_2

Beautiful backing vocals! CBTB_5 And the Band.. CBTB_6

Our fearless leaders! CBTB_7

Cauchi parents! CBTB_12


And that’s it from us! We pray you have a safe, happy and beautiful Christmas and New Years celebration. We will most likely miss next weeks blog because we’re going away up north, but when we return we will have lots of photos for you!

Lots of the love,

The Cauchi’s


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