December 2014

A very Cauchi Christmas

Well hello & welcome to 2015! What a whirlwind 2014 was for us, and here we stand on the brink of the very new year, with our eyes full and vision, ideas and excitement. Starting our first year as a married couple, we don’t 100% know what is in store for this year, but we are ready for whatever God has planned.

As we had a week off from blogging last week, we seem to have a backlog of photos and memories to share, so this post will be filled with Christmas memories and we may post another toward the end of the week if time allows with some other memories too!

It’s always an interesting challenge, when you have a partner, managing to celebrate Christmas with both sides of the family. We’ve heard a few different ways, some families do one year at one side and the following year at the other, many make it fit in one day because their families live close, for us however our families are a few hours apart and it gets very overwhelming when you try and fit Christmas with TWO (sometimes 3) families in one day. This year we decided to have B’s family Christmas on Christmas Eve and M’s on Christmas day, which worked very nicely. Our bellies thanked us for not stuffing them too much on one day!!! For the first time ever, we hosted Christmas at our house, at first it was a bit of a scary thought but in the end it worked out so well, it was easy and a joy to host Bs family for a beautiful Christmas dinner. One of the amazing things about Christmas with your partner is observing the different family traditions. In our families, the food, gift giving and music is completely different, but BOTH families celebrate with energy, joy and lots of LIFE!

We thought we might also give you a quick view of what our house looked like this Christmas, what a beautiful thing it is to have your own place and fill it with beautiful people and things.

CChristmas_1 CChristmas_3 CChristmas_4 CChristmas_2

B decorated the table and compiled the menu, M did lots of grocery shopping, marinated the meat and ensured the house was perfect. Everyone contributed something toward the evening, a salad or a dessert or wine made for a shared meal. CChristmas_5 CChristmas_7

We cracked bon bons, wore silly hats, drank and ate until we were full.

CChristmas_6 CChristmas_8 CChristmas_9 CChristmas_10 CChristmas_11

Gift giving in B’s family traditionally in one gift at a time, the youngest family member (which is STILL B’s little sister Rosa) chooses the first gift, then once that person opens their gifts and thanks the gift giver, they then get to choose a gift from under the tree to give to someone else and so on.

CChristmas_12 Although it sounds slow, it’s actually such a beautiful process, you appreciate each gift and honour the person who took the time to purchase and wrap it for you.

We finished the night off with Gma’s INCREDIBLE panatone cream cake, which was full of rum or something strong like that, it was delicious and our hearts and stomachs were full! CChristmas_13

The following day we celebrate Christmas with our Church family, sang carols and headed to M’s family to celebrate Christmas in Windsor. After waiting for what seemed an eternity, we had MORE food and gifts with M’s parents, brothers, in laws and children! Much laughter was shared and memories were made. CChristmas_19 CChristmas_14CChristmas_20

we stayed at a house with Ms parents & they had fruit trees! CChristmas_15Most delicious oranges ever. M’s mum is so beautiful and sweet, she always makes sure everyone has eaten until they can’t eat anymore and is so sweet with her santa hat! Just look at her!!!!! CChristmas_18

Little Emma & Elissa thoroughly enjoyed all of the frivolities as well CChristmas_16 CChristmas_17

We hope your Christmas was beautiful, that you made memories and celebrated with those you love.

SO sorry about the huge post,

Lots of love, M+B


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