January 2015

A road and a record…

Hello again, it’s 2015, I haven’t quite got my head around it yet. Do you still find you have to properly think every time you write the date in January? I do, every single time.. and then it becomes habit and it’s December…. kidding!

Already we are mid January and every day the calendar invitations keep coming and life keeps flying! We have been working hard on enjoying every single tiny moment, no matter how quickly the days seem to go. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a child, everyday would seem to fly I think, how on earth would you remember every tiny new experience with them. My heart would burst, I would have to blog a LOT.

Blogging weekly has been a beautiful experience for us, the consistency of posting encourages us to actually bring our camera places and write about our memories, which is so enjoyable. If you’re not a good “diary writer” like me, but love to write, I encourage you to begin a blog. With an audience (as small as it may be) it helps and reminds you to regularly write. You don’t need to start big but you do need to start. It has been a wonderfully releasing experience for us. Go forth readers and write!

Here are some photos of a road trip we took over our Christmas break. We drove down to Wisemans ferry, had a icecream with M’s parents, continued driving OVER a river on a ferry and into the more remote areas of West Sydney.. absolutely stunning. Completely tranquil and GREEN! CChristmas_21 CChristmas_25Everything is picturesque and so peaceful. We listened to Christmas carols and tried to stop for a beverage at a well known local pub, but unfortunately it was closed! Perhaps next time…CChristmas_26 CChristmas_24 CChristmas_22 CChristmas_23

Also, this past week we have been helping out with the c3nc music live recording. We spent a few hours on our friends balcony helping and watching our Church’s live album being recorded. It was an amazing experience, to see years of writing and singing come to life in simple form, a guitar and 2 voices.  Balcony_2As the sun set, we sang together, songs that have been written from the soul and words that mean so much. The live acoustic recording will be released this Friday on YouTube & Noisetrade for free. Look up c3nc music on Friday. Here’s my brother looking very rock star and some of the team (including our friend Ben Adams who is responsible for making our wedding day remembered in photo form forever!!!)Balcony_6 Balcony_1 Balcony_7

Balcony_3We were honoured to be at such a special event that turned into a cherished moment for us, we’re so excited for the released of the official album in March this year.

That’s it for now friends,

Lots of love M+B

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