January 2015

A Brown dinner & an album artwork

In the past week, we have been absolutely chock-a-block! Where does that word even come from? Regardless, we have been busy, mostly working & helping with special projects as well.

Last week, on Friday, March Live (Acoustic) was released on Noisetrade and I’ve been working on the album art with my great friend Gab. Usually collaborations are complex, lots of ideas mushed into one, but Gab and I seem to be on the same page.

We were given a brief by the artist, my brother Chris to create something simple and elegant, bootleg and effective. When we filmed the live versions of these songs, we sang them overlooking this stunning city, so it only felt natural to design the art to represent Newcastle and that beautiful moment.

I think many people underestimate the amount of thought and emotion that goes into a beautiful artwork. Not only does it take time and a fairly good eye to put together layers of design that actually work together. Sure, the final design looks simple, and now you see it, it looks easy enough to put together.. but do you know how many “not quite right” designs we made before we even began to get close? When you’re starting from nothing but an idea, you’re literally building something from scratch. I have an immense respect for designers, because being one I know how much work goes into the simplest of designs.

Have a look at this, this work looks as though it took us 30 seconds to put together..


but in actual fact, it took weeks, (which is actually quick by comparison, but it was last minute), sifting through hundreds of different photos, nailing it down to maybe 10 or 15, editing each one in a completely different way, layering colour, photos, grains and textures, thinking and pondering about space, layout and movement and what emotions will be created by each person who will see the art. Hundreds of fonts, and font combinations, where should the words sit? Do you know how many different files were made in the creation of this one, simple artwork? I’m estimating at least 75 between the three of us. Finally, when the work is done, all of the collaborators look at it in peace and know that what they had created was good. I’m proud of this art, I know what is represents and we’re so happy with the music too! Have a listen here: C3NC MUSIC.

Onto other things!

You would think, from the title of this post, that we ate some BROWN foods.. Although we did roast a delicious lamb, no, ’twas not brown foods, but Brown guests! As in, Chris and Phoebe Brown! You may know Chris and Phoebe from instagram, they also have a great blog which you can read here. 

Chris_Phoebe_1 Chris_Phoebe_2 Chris_Phoebe_3 Chris_Phoebe_4 Chris_Phoebe_5

C + P are absolutely beautiful people who have been friends with MC for years and years, they’re new on the scene for me! We had them over for dinner last week and thoroughly enjoyed their infectious joy and exuberant character. They’re off on an adventure in a few weeks, to live in England for some time. We wish them all the best and hope to visit them very soon! Make sure you keep up with their adventures on instagram and tumblr.

This weekend we’re up to mischief as usual so I’m excited to blog next week!

Be blessed beautiful people,

B+M xx

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