January 2015

A surprise trip to the Hunter Valley!

My dear friend Louise and I planned a surprise mini (and by mini, I mean 24 hours) getaway for our incredible husbands. I don’t think we had much of a reason, other than it was a long weekend & it’s fun!

On Sunday, the boys came out to their cars to find a note, that said

“You’re being whisked away, on a summer holiday to swim in pools and swing on swings, now quick drive us home to get your things!”. After a week of having to make excuses about what we were doing for Australia Day and keeping things a secret, it was very exciting to finally see their faces! MC reacted with complete GLEE! He couldn’t believe it, it was sooo cute and wonderful. Marriage is the best.

Louise and I had planned picnics and had made lists of everything we could possible need on this little getaway.

We didn’t tell the boys where we were going until we practically were there! We stayed at the Grand Mecure apartments in the Hunter Valley, which was a treat. We had a 2 bedroom apartment which catered for all our needs nicely!

Mostly, we ate, laughed & did silly things but it was incredibly refreshing. Considering we only went for 24 hours, we came back feeling like we’d been on a proper holiday. I think we’ll do it again sometime soon & having the Hunter Valley SO close makes it easy. SURPRISE!Hunter_Valley_1

We started with the typical “Hunter Valley Cheese plate” and continued from there. Hunter_Valley_2 Hunter_Valley_3 Hunter_Valley_4

Exploring the grounds.. Hunter_Valley_5 Hunter_Valley_6 Hunter_Valley_7 Hunter_Valley_8 Hunter_Valley_9 Hunter_Valley_10Perfect photo op!!! Hunter_Valley_11 Hunter_Valley_12

Golf grass feels so good under your feet, apparently you’re not meant to stand on it though. OOPS!Hunter_Valley_13 Hunter_Valley_14

A stunning sunset, a BBQ and some wine to finish the night off. OH and an EPIC round of cards. Hunter_Valley_16On Australia day (see if you can see Gerry’s ROMA teeshirt) it rained, like craaaazy rained, which in my opinion is very un Australian! We had planned on spending the day in the pool, eating cheese and being silly, but instead we took a trip to the Hunter Valley Garden.Hunter_Valley_17

Mind you, we didn’t even go to the gardens, just explored the sweet shops. What are the boys doing in this picture?Hunter_Valley_18 Hunter_Valley_19

We finished off our adventure, by parking ourselves on the top of a hill and pursuing the picnic we had planned regardless of the rain! It was stunning and wet, we got drenched, were freezing, wrapped ourselves in “MALTA” towels but none the less, we had a wonderful time. 
Hunter_Valley_20 Hunter_Valley_21

See you next week!


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