January 2015

A very normal weekend….

Hello Friends! Thank you for stopping by, we hope that you have been loving life.

Well this weekend for us was a pretty chilled one, I think we are finally feeling the shift as we get back into the new year, with work and other life commitments. I know more than anything that right now in this spirit of hecticness (yes that’s a word) you have to find the light and joy in every moment!

After a busy week, with B having to go to the dentist the next day (ahhh…!) we thought let’s go for a late night walk along the beautiful Newcastle Marina! They have just opened up a new walking path that goes right around the Marina, and links up with the foreshore, which is super rad! The night was this perfect evening, with a glistening moon reflecting off the strangely still waters of the Marina, with a few fishermen floating around as well. We had a bit to talk about and we always find that a good night walk along the beach or foreshore clears our head from the day’s distractions and helps us focus on what’s at hand.

It was such a beautiful moment to be present on such a still evening and to be together talking life and it’s opportunities, makes it all the better!

It was so beautiful, we decided to do it again by daylight, this time with the camera. Admittedly, we didn’t photograph much this weekend, which we apologise for, BUT I’m sure we’ll get back to you later with some more! We ate a prawn sandwich.. PRAWN SANDWICH!!! So weird, but surprisingly delish. Foreshore_lunch Foreshore_lunch_6 Foreshore_lunch_5 Foreshore_lunch_4 Foreshore_lunch_3

Fast Forward to Saturday Night (no one wants to talk about the dentist..!), the most exciting thing was to happen, The Asian Cup Final!! The moment Australia beat South Korea 2-1… this game was so intense we didn’t have any nails left! Our wonderful friends Murray + Chriss hosted up to 25 people at their place!! Machines!! We had such an exciting night, there is nothing quite like the feeling of being a witness to a memory you know in your heart will most likely not happen again anytime soon…but there is hope, unfortunately there is a lot of talk about taking on the rest of the world, I thought we tried that already, didn’t we..? Ah well! It was a great game to watch and scream at! The BEST moment, is when everyone is sitting in anticipation in the last few minutes waiting for Australia to do something incredible AND THEN THEY DO and evvveryone JUMPS to their feet toward the TV and the atmosphere is electric! So fun.

To all the newlyweds out there, they’ll understand that the conversations with friends and family go in stages, it starts like this: “When are you going to ask her out”, “When you getting engaged”, “When you getting married”, “…?!”  Which leads me to my next point! This is always a great topic in question, not anytime soon, is usually the quick response, however…

We love kids, and it’s such a great opportunity that we have access to a lot of child minding with our church family! We took a couple of our favourites down to Merewether Baths to find starfish, sea shells, crabs and even a shark tooth!! I think what we loved about the adventure so much, was firstly to see how good we are with a bunch of kids, but also that the adventure didn’t need any type of screen technology! We live in a beautiful city, surrounded by great moments of light and joy; you just have to be open to enjoy it when the moments make themselves available to you!


See you next week!

Much Love M+B

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