February 2015

Olive Tree Markets, a first. 

Markets have run in my family for as long as I can remember, some of my earliest memories involve wandering through market stalls with my grandparents to find my mum and dad selling fresh sourdough. I guess this has something to do with why, even 20 years later I’m still fascinated with small business and community. Some of the best projects and products start their sales at a market and many end up opening boutiques and proper shops, but markets provide an opportunity for people to start something.

There’s nothing more beautiful than knowing people who pursue something they love with every essence of their being, no matter how many early mornings or late nights it entails. This past Saturday, Blessing & Honour, my friend Gab and my little creative project had it’s first market for 2015. What is still simply joy mixed with a love of paper and the beautiful blessing of handwritten words and carefully wrapped gifts is blooming into something we had not imagined.

For a creative like me, although I am grateful for my 9-5 job, I need a creative after-hours project to keep my brain fresh and inspired. Quite naturally, it seemed right to try our luck at online sales and even a market, so that’s what we did. So far, it’s been more popular than expected, surprisingly many people share our love for the simplicity of beautiful gifting. Last weekends market was no exception to the pattern that has been evolving, of idea, excitement, creation and surprise when people buy it! We were overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from people of all generations. This joy, in my opinion was supported by the beautiful atmosphere of the Olive Tree Market, newly located in Civic park in Newcastle, the bustling atmosphere was absolutely contagious and it truly represented what a market atmosphere should be like.

To_market_` To_market_4 To_market_3We were honoured to be part of such a collaboration of skill, love and passion from vendors and customers alike. Thank you to the organisers and team for making this market the best I’ve ever been to and for creating a classy and special opportunity for us to make the most of our loves and for the Newcastle community to come together and share in a moment that will be remembered for years to come.

To_market_5 To_market_6 To_market_7 To_market_8 To_market_9 To_market_10

So, I guess my encouragement to you is, don’t underestimate the local market, sure the big shops and chains have more consistency and maybe cheaper prices, but take a moment to remember you’re investing in a tiny piece of someones heart and soul. That good you’ve purchased goes toward fueling someones dream and supporting local has endless rewards. We have some serious talent in this city and we’re grateful to be part of it!

Lots of love,

B (&M)

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