February 2015

Valentines Weekend – sort of

If you follow us on Instagram, you would know that last weekend we escaped to Sydney for a little getaway to celebrate lots of things, but love being the central point of the trip!


This post for me is bittersweet. We had such a wonderful weekend away, just the two of us, doing the things we love most, but yet the real world continues on regardless of beautiful holidays and sometimes it’s not so sweet at all. You see, in the past week two people I’ve known (one quite well) passed away, both in completely different ways, both far too young. It may seem selfish of me to write about the sadness or grief that joins you for a while, that isn’t really my own, but I find myself grieving for the families of these beautiful young people whom I once knew. The unimaginable pain the families must feel worries me so much knowing that one day I will experience grief properly for the first time. I’m convinced more than ever before that sadness and grief are two separate things and the second I’ve not yet known, but I know that it is a part of life and one day, we’ll experience it and I know I will feel gratefulness, love, joy and pain in a new way.

My mind continues to question the fragility of life and what really matters in the end, I feel like I’ve been fed a great big spoonful of perspective and honestly, it’s difficult to swallow. None the less, this is what this blog is amount, the memories of life both good and bad so that’s the bitter part.. here comes the sweet.

I work a neat 9-5pm job, most days it’s fairly the same, but some weeks the “smoke & mirrors” of the corporate world send you to another city for a meeting, this happened last week. Naturally, as we Cauchi’s do, we decided to make the most of a night away from home and booked a second night in the city to celebrate 6 months, valentines and a few new VERY exciting adventures coming our way. We booked a mystery hotel via Wotif, which we were pleasantly surprised with. I definitely don’t mind top floor rooms or rooftop pools.    Valentines 1Valentines 2Valentines 3Valentines 4Valentines 5

Friday night was our night in the city, we were planning on going to the Chinese New Year festival, however it was raining so we jumped onto tripadvisor instead to find a new restaurant to try. Tripadvisor is a great way to try new places without the fear of having a ruined night and this time didn’t disappoint! I found this restaurant in Darlinghurst called Almond Bar, with such last minute plans we didn’t make a booking and turned up at 9ish hoping to be given a table. They were so full, we ended up having to wait half an hour in the rain for a table, wandering around extremely hungry isn’t that fun especially when you have your heart set on something. But let me tell you, it was 100% worth it. Sirian cuisine made for an exciting meal and my goodness it was delicious, one of the best restaurant experiences I have ever had. If you’re near there I highly recommend this place, but be sure to book!

Saturday was valentines day and while we don’t care too much about vday, it was beautiful to see the whole of sydney, as a community celebrating and sharing together. We have always wanted to explore Hyde Park Barracks together, so that was extremely interesting learning more about Australian History. Darling Harbour was filled with people carrying roses and the whole place was decorated to celebrate luuuuurve!

Valentines 6Valentines 7Valentines 8Valentines 9Valentines 10

I think that’s enough from us today, we hope you had a beautiful weekend!

Valentines 11Valentines 12Valentines 13

Lots of love, M+B

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