February 2015

Finding the Rain forest under the Highway!

This week was pretty big for us, getting into the year is always so exciting and you have great anticipation, but some weeks it really does hit you, “okay, we have definitely started the year”.

I don’t know about you but sometimes you have those weeks which leave a little exhausted and flat, not sad or depressed just a little heavy. So when we asked ourselves the question what we should do on this fine Sunday Afternoon… we both instantly said WALK, RUN, and OUTDOORS! So that’s what we did! Below are some pictures…

The adventure started, running into Rebel Sport with 5 mins left till closing time to get B some amazing kick-butt walking shoes (they weren’t allowed to be running shoes…) Naturally M was hitting the roof, because there is nothing finer than your lady wearing some new kicks!

After being “those” people at Rebel, overstaying our welcome, we headed to Glenrock Reserve to explore, wander and breathe in some fresh air! This was the best walk we have had in a long time, instantly surrounded by the smell of eucalyptus trees and the constant echoes of nature! The only downside to all of this is that we forgot how many slippery steep stairs there were, but hey that’s why you buy new Nike’s to really test them out, right?!Glenrock_3 Glenrock_6

We, the weirdest people around even had a play with the self timer.. there was no one around alright, and it was a good height!!!! Glenrock_2 Glenrock_1

The scenery is just spectacular.Glenrock_5 Glenrock_4

As we returned to the carpark, puffed and sweaty, we thought to ourselves that it was strange we didn’t see much wildlife out and about, just as we finished that thought, we turned the corner in the track and almost stepped on a 2metre long Python! This guy was huge! And beautiful! And Scary all at the same time!!Glenrock_9

So I guess this week our encouragement to you is quite simply this, if you find yourself surrounded and drowned by the noise of highways, work and stress..find the rain forest near you! Surprisingly our little town of Newcastle has so much to offer, and we are on a mission to find them all! if you know of somewhere why don’t you tell us?!Glenrock_8

ps. B had a very busy Saturday blessing beautiful ladies for new babies and weddings, here’s some photos of stunning Mel who will be married in just 3 weeks! She is an incredible young woman who will make John extremely happy. What a great time of their life! Mel_Shower_3 Mel_Shower_2 Mel_Shower_1

Lots of love,


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