March 2015

Feasts and proper conversation…

Can a week be filled with so much celebrating, great company & food? Apparently! Last week we entertained 12 people in our (quite) small home, we have chairs for 8 and room for technically.. 8 but never the less, 12 fitted and we dined and laughed together. MC and I have been given the privilege of beginning to shepherd, care and lead the young adults of our Church, a surprise to us indeed but an absolute honour. After much prayer and thought we felt at peace about the transition and excited to be responsible for an amazing group of young adults. We can’t reveal too much here and many of these conversations are best had in person, but let us announce that this year, c3nc YAs will be doing a LOT of eating together. Our primary focus is on community, strength and servanthood and we believe that one thing young adults need to do well is community.

So open our home we will. We had a taste of this concept and my goodness it was beautiful. To have 12 incredible young adults in our home, to properly share in life and relationship is truly one of life’s most beautiful pleasures. I’m proud to say I caught no-one spending time on their phone, which is an amazing thing in itself. Be encouraged today to enjoy actual proper conversation. Share with people their worries, fears and joys and know that sometimes the most powerful thing that a person needs is an open home, a hearty meal and a little bit of TLC.

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In saying that, right now time is scarce, I’m rushing to write this (you can probably tell), my brother is about to pick me up!

See you next week my friends,



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