March 2015

Church Family Camp 2015

Oh man! Apparently, it’s Wednesday again,, and for anyone who didn’t know, it’s the middle of MARCH already!!! What?? Who made that happen?

Life is flying! This past week, we’ve been living a crazy FULL life, amongst loving on people & pursuing personal projects we had a fabulous weekend away with our Church family up at One Mile Beach, a truly beautiful weekend away with lots of families and friends we love. Ps. If any of the photos on here are of you or your children, feel free to download them for your personal stash!

Aside from that, I’ve been working pretty hard with a team on releasing c3nc Music’s first record, an EP which will be released in the next 2 weeks. What feels like years of development has now come to life, we’ve heard it, it’s fantastic and now we’re just releasing it well. The design has been inspired by this beautiful city we live in, it’s simple & classic with a bit of punch, just like the music. I 100% know this album will bless you and your family. If you’d like a sneak peek of the music – click here. 

Otherwise, life continues on as normal. Here’s some photos of our weekend away!

We booked with great friends of ours, the Smiths & the Boyds, who although new to our lives (relatively) have become beautiful, kind and wonderful friends. Camp_1 Camp_2

Of course all good holidays start with an epic breakfast! Camp_3

Boys riding bikes… Camp_4Archer Joe wooing hearts.Camp_5

I think Claire likes me… or I’m funny or something.Camp_6 Camp_7 Camp_8

Helping littles learn life skills – bikes!

Camp_9 Camp_10

The boys being naughty on the bouncing balloon. Camp_11

Hamish’s first camp.

Camp_13“Archer had a fun day!”


The famous “pot luck” annual dinner… too.. much… food….


And this is where we spent most of Saturday,building sandcastles and swimming in the crystal sea!

Oh what a wonderful life, lots of love



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