March 2015

A divine friendship 

Sometimes, in the middle of an ordinary life, something changes that makes you look at things in a new way. We’ve never had an experience like this, where two people have crashed into our life, taken us by surprise and made a change for the better.

Our friends John and Mel got married last week, two of the most beautiful, incredible and amazing people I’ve ever met. As a side note, their wedding was stunning, HOT but stunning and perfect for them in every way. We had a blast! But that’s not the story for this weeks blog.

Rewind to 2 Sundays ago, MC and I felt to invite John’s younger brother Quincy (and his wife Stacy) over for dinner. We’d never hung out with them, actually we’d only met them an hour before. We barely spoke, nothing happened as such, but we just felt to invite them into our home to bless them. Little did we know that one dinner would be the start of a friendship we hadn’t anticipated at all! Stacy & Quincy are from the states, Michigan to be specific, they’re from the freeeeezing cold climate and so of course they naturally loved Newcastle so much! MC and I had had an expensive week, we had no money left and to be honest hardly any energy either but something told us we had to get to know them.

A few steaks of amazing salmon and a raspberry crumble later we had established friends that felt like they were going to be friends for life. Life has a way of intruding on your routine sometimes and occasionally it’s required of you to listen to the little promptings and just go with it regardless of the budget or energy situation. When we dropped them back to where they were staying, MC and I looked at each other in awe and knew straight away we’d met kindred spirits. Over the coming days after being in contact with each other via facebook, Q+S decided they wanted to take us to dinner at our favourite Vietnamese place to thank US for dinner.. We had such a wonderful time (AGAIN) we invited them to stay with us in our loft and get a full experience of Newcastle. We felt like little kids, having a sleep over with our new friends. Over the coming days deep roots were planted, dreams and hearts were shared over many food related moments! There’s a few photos below that don’t do justice to the week we had.

Here they are… QS_1

Coffee to take home (Because coffee in AUS is better) QS_2

First taste of Australian “peanut butter and jelly… aka raspberry jam” QS_3

“Chips and dip” apparently isn’t a thing where they’re from, so we introduced them to the world of cheese & crackers. They’re hooked. QS_4 QS_5 QS_6

We even threw them a party, so they could try sticky date pudding… I know, who hasn’t had sticky date??? It’s a life changing experience and I think it really… actually changed their lives!!! QS_7 QS_8

After a week of mischief, late nights and brilliant conversation we arrived at the conclusion that it was indeed a “divine appointment”. Dropping them at the train station was actually SAD (which for us Cauchi’s isn’t normal, we’re usually not the emotional type). The text messages that have been exchanged since have referenced a “summer fling”… and now summer is over.

It’s strange, yet wonderful how out of nowhere something wonderful comes to life. I can honestly say in all my years, I’ve never established a friendship so deep so quickly. It was WEIRD!!! I was honestly confused.. I’m not one to be overtaken by this type of stuff! Anyway, the good thing is, we’re planning on staying in touch and we know our paths will cross again.

Thing we learned this week? Listen to the little prompts, you never know where they’ll lead you.

Hope your week is the best,

Lots of love – B+M


ps. If you’d like to know more about Quincy & Stacy – you can find them on youtube here.

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