March 2015

A quiet few days….

Well here the reality of life sets in, although I wish we’d never run out of energy or get sick or just need to sleep for days… the truth of life is real and sometimes rest is inevitable. As the great song writer Justin Vernon writes…

“aint this just like the present.. to be showing up like this!”

It’s true! Sometimes the present just shows up and you have to be in the moment and it demands to be acknowledged. We always look forward to Saturdays. Sure, Monday to Friday is brilliant as well, but as long as you have a 9-5 job, your attention will always be primarily on that. Us Cauchi’s believe in trying to keep a good work/life balance, so on the weekends we endeavour to think nothing of our jobs. We focus on each other, we play, rest & socialise and make the most of our “free time”. But for us, last weekend, the present showed up and we woke up feeling lousy. gah! The day you’re looking forward to going on a playdate or adventuring, you wake up feeling like a brick. As much as we didn’t want to face reality, we soon realised our weekend would be a couple of days of compromise & making smart decisions… wahhh boring.

We rested until midday and then so frustrated with being lethargic, we forced ourselves out of the house to go and enjoy the sun and some breakfast. The camera came too of course, as it usually does & I’m glad it did as we stumbled upon a great new inner city cafe – Blue Door. Here’s some photos.. highly recommend if you’re in town!

So glad it’s finally boot weather! Blue_Door_1

Our stunning Newcastle.Blue_Door_2

We facetimed the Kennedy’s! Blue_Door_6 Blue_Door_3

Blue_Door_4 Blue_Door_5

How good is that food!Blue_Door_7 Blue_Door_8 Blue_Door_9

Then we voted and went back to bed. In other news, it’s my birthday tomorrow & right now I’m having a little moment pondering the year that was 24..  Times like these I wish I made video blogs so I could view my year in HD, but hey I think I’ll scroll back through our blog posts and have a little reminisce.

Have a lovely rest of the week dear friends, we’ll see you soon!

B+M xxxx

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