April 2015

Beautiful, beautiful April!

Saturday Mornings! The absolute best, I mean Fridays are brilliant, but ultimately Saturdays are seriously delicious! Waking up, not to the alarm, but to the sleep meter saying it’s full is the best feeling. For B and I, this weekend was going to be a big one. We had a soccer game, our friends engagement party that night, my best mates birthday party that evening as well, then church Sunday morning, and finishing with our Album Launch in the evening of Sunday! (breathe)

So as you can probably see the sleep-in is totally worth it, and with all of that in mind we needed some nice MC + BC time to kick it all off, so off we went for an early morning stroll down by the harbour. It’s so beautiful there, anytime of the day, finding those spare moments where you can just walk and talk and spend time is the best, I seriously love walking with my girl, even though her idea of a walk is my soft jog, she is the power walking hero! Beautiful-april_1 Beautiful-april_2 Beautiful-april_3 Beautiful-april_4 Beautiful-april_5

That evening we had the privilege to experience our friends Jess + Oli have their engagement party, this was so beautiful, under the stars with long feast tables layered with delicious food, where a bunch of us joined in to celebrate the step these two are making. Jess and Oli are a great couple and great friends of ours, we have had the honour to see them grow together, in the beginning it was quite “entertaining” to watch them get to know each other on a deeper level – lots of ‘interesting’ conversations were had, but we always knew that they would figure it out and someday get married! They have entered this season brilliantly, it’s amazing what good communication can solve sometimes! Jess and Oli, we love you, Oli for your heated Italian passion, and Jess for your brilliant, calming beach approach to life… We love you.Beautiful-april_6 Beautiful-april_7 Beautiful-april_8 Beautiful-april_9


(a quick beach peaceful moment).

Fast Forward to Sunday evening, to the moment our church has been working towards for the last couple of months (and then some). Our Church Album Launch! This was such a wonderful night. Have you ever had one of those moments where you’ve worked hard for a very long time, and the people around you have done the same and then in a moment it all just comes to fruition? It’s like waves of gratitude, thankfulness, love and completion all at once. Beautiful-april_12 Beautiful-april_11I was so proud of our team at church and everyone who had anything to do with creating this moment. Seriously though these songs have been written from places of experiences with Christ and that is so evident in the sound, have a listen here. 

This week B and I will be in Sydney all week at a conference, so I am sure that next week’s installment will be fun!

See you next week,

Love M+B x

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