April 2015

A storm that unsettled NSW

Last Monday, as we were preparing to go to bed the rain and wind set in and shook our little loft. Little did we know, we were about to experience one of the most fierce storms we’ve ever lived through.

We slept little that night, a hour here or there, the winds blew strongly and shook the whole house, we moved our couches up against our doors to try and protect them from blowing in & it felt like the longest night, fearful that the windows were going to break and things would fly in!

We awoke the following morning to a flooded floor, but we were safe. Texts were streaming in and social media was buzzing – sharing damage and storm stories. We lost power at about 3am on Tuesday morning.

Warned not to go to work, we stayed in bed a little while longer to try and catch up on a sleep, unaware of what a frenzy the world had been thrown into! Midday came around and we assessed the damage and made our way to work, driving through blacked out traffic lights and flooded roads. We didn’t last long at work before we were evacuated because another storm was on its way.

Although we didn’t get hit so hard as others, we were blessed, we were able to protect ourselves from damage, we kept our roof & we didn’t get swallowed by storm water. We were definitely counting our blessings but none the less, the damage around us was awful to see & we prayed for help and peace who needed it most.

We only lost power for three days, I say only now but at the time it felt like a whole week or a month! You really miss the little things, we kept switching the lights on when we walked into a room out of habit. How grateful we are for our great friend Brad in his significant role in restoring our city’s power! We had “Indian” showers with water from the sink & relied on neighbours and friends to shower and eat decent meals. It was beautiful to see the nation pull together and make the most of what was labelled a “Natural Disaster”. I heard countless stories of families spending quality time together, playing board games sharing stories and just being together. It’s a beautiful wake up call really – bitter sweet I guess.

We hope if you’re reading this that you weren’t damaged too badly & that you are safe and have power now! We are so grateful to the emergency services and AUSGRID for putting everything they have to restore normalcy back into NSW – your works are seen and appreciated.

When the power came back on.. life continued on as normal, as though nothing had changed – remarkable! Anyway, that’s us for this week,

Lots of love

Stormy seas at Newcastle Beach

Stormy seas at Newcastle Beach

And just like that, we're back to normal...

And just like that, we’re back to normal…

Storm_3 Storm_4 Storm_5 Storm_6 Storm_7




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