June 2015

A new camera – new season

Friends! It is the beginning of a new season. We finally bought ourselves a piece of gear that we’ve been eyeing off for months now, to help us improve our photography AND videography. MC and I have been fascinated by the idea of “vlogging” – video logging. I guess it’s mostly about pursuing the moment even more than just in still photos but also having memories from every week of our year.

It’s quite a challenge! But we’re been trying and we’re loving the journey. We don’t want to do “lame” vlogging.. you know.. “here we are at this cool party, and here we are drinking coffee at this cool coffee shop and here we are doing something cool”. No, this is about real life, conversations and moments of the everyday. We DEFINITELY WILL go to a cool coffee shop, but we’ll also be trying to capture the normal stuff too. We’re excited to look back in years to come and remember the moments again.

Goal: to still LIVE in every moment as well as capture them.

Anyway, here’s our latest vlog, we add them to youtube where you can subscribe for updates. Also here’s some stills – enjoy!

Nerds nerd

Nerds nerd

My mama created this artwork! You can see it at Dark Horse Espresso. It's amazing!

My mama created this artwork! You can see it at Dark Horse Espresso. It’s amazing!

Espresso martinis at Jess' Bridal Shower!

Espresso martinis at Jess’ Bridal Shower!



Nothing like a good "underwear veil"

Nothing like a good “underwear veil”

Testing the new lens

Testing the new lens



FRENCH TOAST!!!!! best

FRENCH TOAST!!!!! best

Lots of love,


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