August 2015

A buck, a cat and a new office

This week, we had a really strange week – both Michael & I worked some crazy hours and hardly saw each other which is so unusual for us. This weekend we spent our days doing errands and sorting out our front room which we are turning into an office slowly. It’s exciting times.

We tried really hard to get rid of our mattress for the last few weeks, dealing with recycling companies and such but no one ever got back to us. It’s a really old mattress so we didn’t think to put it on gumtree, but we did for $10 to see what happened and to our surprise a lady came to pick it up. Of course we didn’t make her pay for it and we gave her some cushions and some really nice linen that we didn’t need, so she really did US a favour, but it was great to see the mattress go. We are learning how to stretch more and more to bless and love people properly.

Anyway, here’s our week in a video – enjoy! https://youtu.be/Js2co6FLNYE

Lots of love,



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