September 2015

The flu – ew

I have legitimately NOT been properly sick in over a decade. No joke. Sure, I’ve had little bouts of a cold, a sniffle here and there but nothing like this. I can only blame myself really, we live a pretty clean and healthy lifestyle but when I started to feel a little under the weather – instead of dealing with it quickly (like I usually do) by smashing it with super greens, garlic and horseradish and litres of water.. I ignored the mini symptoms and told myself I was fine. Wrong.

I wasn’t fine.

So because of my sheer ignorance I missed out on 4 good days of my life. God is so amazing though, He made the most of my nothing days – just yesterday I had an amazing encounter with Him & He showed me something that has opened my mind in a beautiful new way. More on that another day. I honestly didn’t even have the energy to reply to emails, I was a zombie. Today – I am grateful. Firstly I’m grateful for my AMAZING husband who was THE best ever, making sure I was actually resting (I say actually because I can be a bit of a fighter and try to continue on with life as normal), he did countless trips to the shops for more tissues and soup, honestly not making me feel like I needed to be avoided even though I felt like he should avoid me. I never knew you could be loved by a man in such a sweet, caring and loving way. Grateful I tell you! I am also grateful I can breathe again and I’m grateful to be able to think straight.

All in all, the lesson learned here is… don’t ignore the mini symptoms, chances are you’re not as tough as you think you are – take your supergreens…. oh and God works all things together for good.

Here is our weekly video too – hope you enjoy!

Lots of love,


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