January 2016



So, we’ve had a few emails/comments from people saying they miss the vlog emails! That’s because we stopped the blog because I felt like we were repeating ourselves.. but hey, if you like it – I’ll keep posting it!

Remember you can go directly to our youtube channel and subscribe too. Subscribing is free – it’s just a way to be notified when your favourite youtubers upload a video 🙂

Here’s a list of our recent vlogs for you to catch up on..


The time we went on an amazing holiday and welcomed the new year

The time we made our very first christmas vlog and had too much fun

The time we helped put on an AMAZING carols event.. and saw some RAD christmas lights

The time we went to Brodie & Jaz’s wedding – it was amazing and we got vlog hacked too..

The time we went to Elyse and Pedrs beautiful wedding and went light hunting!


The time we put up our Christmas tree to make ourselves less mad at eachother..

The time we went to Michelle and Craigs wedding and saw our COUSIN MAX!!!!!!! (best)

The time we saw mumford and sons live… in the mud and conveniently named the vlog

The time Michael ruined our camera being a real man….

The time we were silly in the car because well… we were


The time we removed Michael’s Bandages and it was hilarious

The time we got clucky because Archer Haynes was the cutest child in the universe

The time we threw a surprise Birthday party for our friend JOHN

The time Australia just got too hot


The time Michael finished up at Rhema and vlogged about it

The time we were really sick so made soup to cure it

The time we went to Graham and Laurens wedding

The time we went to QLD for a conference and had a blast


annnnnd that’ll do!


Lots of Love M+B



















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