January 2016


Honest Paper – Announced

This is quite a long post, but it’s raw heart stuff so skip it if you don’t want to read about the story of our business. The vlog link is down the bottom 🙂 

Sooooo the secret is out. We’re opening a stationery shop (Honest Paper) in just 6 weeks (dear goodness). It has been my dream for many many years to be the owner of a shop of some sort. I found out a few months ago that Michael too has always wanted to own something along those lines. It’s crazy how dreams align sometimes.

The truth of the story is, that just over 12 months ago, my beautiful friend Gabi sent me a message saying “Bella, I just had a dream that you and I opened a shop and it was called Blessing and Honour and we sold beautiful stationery and other lovely things”… my response was – let’s do it.

I’m not an irrational person, in fact, sometimes I’m too safe. Some of my experiences in my life have caused me to become more careful than perhaps I should be. I have changed a fair bit over the years, I’m more careful with money than ever before, I’m careful with food, the house, the bills.. I’m a planned person. I like it that way! Every now and then though, I just get these feelings and I have to follow them. This time, I didn’t really know what I was getting into – but it just felt right… so we did it. 3 weeks after receiving that message we had designed a line of Christmas cards and paper and we were selling it at markets.

We expected this to just be a “mini side project”, we thought we were just possibly going to having a little extra pocket money. What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming positive response. We didn’t expect to have SO many kind words from people we’d never met. We didn’t expect our Instagram to grow or to be sending items overseas within a few days of opening the store or for Etsy International to ask us to be part of magazine shoots, or for our stock to be featured in many blogs and other pages.. but yet that’s how it happened.

I’m not going to pretend like we haven’t worked hard, because we have. For the last year we’ve been working nights to fit this dream in around our fulltime jobs (and our crazy Church schedule). Life has been full and complex at times but as we look at a new year dawning.. it has been 100% worth it.

Now, we’re up for MORE hard work. Honest Paper is only 4 weeks old and withing another 2 months we will be opening the doors… properly. What is ahead is pretty much hard work and determination. This is THE biggest risk I’ve ever taken… ever. Financially our whole life is on the line and the truth is, I’m scared as anything that it’s going to fail. Someone really wise said to me on Sunday “don’t be scared of failure, but also don’t be scared of success“. I was so impacted by those words – I think I am more concerned about what to do if it DOES succeed?? But then the next question is.. and why shouldn’t it?

Anyway, over the next few weeks we’ll be documenting the journey of getting this thing open. We’ve been working with an incredible girl Kaitlin to design the interior, as well as a builder, custom furniture people, Australian designers, accountants… the works. Because it’s in a shopping center it has to be done right!

I think that’s it for now… that was quite a post! Thanks for reading all of that, it means a lot that you care that much.

Follow @honestpaper on instagram and facebook for updates.

Here’s the VLOG – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB8CWZYQW4Y

Lots of love


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