February 2016


Valentines and 30ths

This year, is the year of 30ths. Last year was the year of weddings. This year, we’ve had 3x 30ths already which is quite an achievement considering it’s only the 2nd week of the second month of the year!

Valentines was this past Sunday and as usual MC surprised me with some beautiful flowers TWICE. He’s sneaky, you can see in the vlog how he did it. It’s funny, so many people are anti vday but I just kinda like how the whole world stops to celebrate for a day… collectively. I started parttime at work this week which excites me greatly, time to honour the things I love! Here are the vlogs…


This weeks: (valentines and painting)

Last weeks – cooking for new babies, sharing the love and YA dinner parties


The one where we show you our shop –


That should keep you up to date!

Lots of love




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