May 2016

Family updates 

So I haven’t written in a while, I’ve taken to just focusing on the VLOG each week and posting the odd written piece when it comes upon me…

Lots has been happening lately, we’ve had the shop open for 3 months & that has been a rollercoaster to say the least. Lots of highs and lots of lows – small business is hard, it’s hard right now but I KNOW in 12 months time we’ll be SO grateful that we pushed through. I think like everything it’s about perseverance and consistency. We’re working really hard at the moment but we’re working on building the dream so it’s totally worth it.

Both MC and I have had a few health situations, both of us in Hospital within a week.. both alright now! MC with what he thought was a collapsed lung but now we think it was a panic attack –  I share this story not out of weakness but because I think stress and anxiety is real and it can be troublesome for even the most cheerful of people. Michael was set to head to Indonesia with his work + a whole lot of stresses with work, family, life in general.. it all kinda toppled on top of him. This is a scary experience but one I think it’s important to acknowledge. The older we get, the more pressure is put on us and if we don’t learn how to pay attention to the stresses when they’re small they can snowball so quickly. Michael and I are learning how to run the long race, we’re learning how to not burn out and be overwhelmed and yeah… that’s hard, that means acknowledging that things are stressful and hard and for people like us – that isn’t easy! It’s been an important lesson to learn and yes, MC learned the hard way but the best thing is, he learnt it and now we know ourselves better and we can look forward with greater insight into who we are!

My hospital situation was that I have a faulty gallbladder (what the?). I know, so strange for someone my age/size/health etc. Anyway, it’s still a mystery but I’m focusing on looking after myself and being KIND to my organs 🙂

We’re both feeling GREAT now and looking forward to many fun adventures that we have coming up this year!

For those of you who have missed some vlogs, I’ve included the links below so you can catch up. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t need to wait for my intermittent blog posts for updates. I’ve just included the favourites because there’s been so many!

Ben & Gabs Engagement

Opening Honest Paper 

Another shop vlog

Bella’s 26th Birthday

Cauchi’s being hilarious dancing at home 

A trip to Bourke with CQ

The mop from the movie Joy & MC being silly with it!

That’s it friends and family, see you next time!

Lots of love,



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