The year of growth

This year, I think has had THE most amount of change I’ve ever experience. It’s been so full and boy have I had to grow, but as October approaches I am flooded with encouragement to write a few words.

Within the first 2 months of this year, we had taken on a Pastoring role, opened a real life retail shop and created a lady human! I remember sitting down at the beginning of the year with Michael as we always do; penning some goals together. It’s become a bit of a tradition to take an hour or two each year to actually WRITE down the desires of our hearts and discuss and dream for the year. It’s quite funny, because looking back at that moment, we were totally unprepared for what the year was to unfold for us in the coming weeks.

Amongst those 3 big milestone challenges, we’ve had many ups and downs as well and along the way, we’ve unravelled more of who we are, we’ve celebrated, partied, cried and mourned together through many different emotions and moments.

My Pastor Erika has coined a sentence that has held true for me as I’ve taken a few steps back to review this year – “Rise and rise again”. She speaks it over me regularly and I know that it’s for many people and moments but for me it’s particularly relevant. The rise again for me in the choosing to stay on the straight and narrow, choosing to rise to new places and new challenges. It’s the last breath you use to climb to the next level, it’s a stretch; it takes all your might to grasp the vision, but then the dust settles and you relax and find yourself soaring, you’re comfortable and content which is beautiful for a moment.. until the next stretch, the next rise presents itself and you take a new breath, muster up new strength to rise again. Relate it to climbing a mountain, the higher you are, the more beautiful view. Don’t hear me wrong, this isn’t about success or goals, it’s about your heart, your soul and the dreams you have. As I look back on the many “rise again” moments, I can see over my own life and Michael’s that we have grown in strength, risen in joy and stepped into beautiful moments time and time again.

Which leads me to where I am right now, at the edge of a new adventure. As I write this, I’ve just entered into my third trimester, the last leg of this beautiful baby journey. It is going SO fast, but it feels like making humans takes forever. Pregnancy has been surprising for me, I’ve felt more human than I ever have in my whole life. Human in the sense that I feel EVERYTHING, emotionally and physically. I feel strong and weak at the same time, I feel proud and scared, happy and sad, sad because there are so many women who would do anything to be able to grow a little baby, my heart really hurts for those incredible ladies. I feel strong and sexy physically but then I feel fat and and slow.. talk about feeling human!

This baby is special, I feel so connected to her. We have been speaking over her and speaking to her, getting to know her more each day. She moves a LOT, I mean a LOT. So much so I even asked my midwife if she was moving too much!!! Apparently that’s not a thing.. so no worries here! She also responds to her dads voice, I think she’s so used to mine that she doesn’t really wake up for me but each day when I see Michael after work his voice awakens her and she kicks and rolls in response to him. Already I feel like her personality is so sweet, she’s gentle but she’s strong.

Anyway, this is a really long piece of writing! I’m planning to write a little more over the next few months, there’s a lot to do and a lot planned but it’s ALL so exciting and wonderful!

If you’ve missed any vlogs lately, here’s a catchup of our favourites

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Gabi & Ben’s beautiful wedding

Getting a new house guest

Baby gender reveal (this one cracks me up) 

Father’s Day games 

That’s it friends!

Lot’s of love



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