Mama’s Pumpkin Soup

The best pumpkin soup I’ve ever had has always been my Mum’s. One day, I’d had enough & I begged her for the recipe. So here it is!

This is one of those recipes you need to wing and taste as you go.

So here is my version of my mums version of another recipe or something.


  • 1 x large kent pumpkin
  • 6 x white potatoes
  • Paprika
  • Chicken Stock cubes
  • Stock meat for stock base – cooked ham works well!
  • Sour cream or yogurt for serving
  • Butter



  1. Take a large soup pot, fill it half way with water, bring to boil
  2. Add 6 or so stock cubes & stock ingredients. I use whatever I have in the freezer, this batch I had some frozen Christmas ham that worked a treatIMG_0403
  3. Simmer meat & cubes for as long as you can, an hour is ideal
  4. Strain stock into another pot or bowl – keep the stock, throw away the meat.
  5. Return stock to stove & bring to boil
  6. Chop potatoes into quarters
  7. Add potatoes to boiling water, bring heat to high to cook the potatoesIMG_0411 IMG_0410
  8. Remove pumpkin skin & chop pumpkin
  9. Add pumpkin to the pot, boil for about ten minutes.IMG_0413 IMG_0416
  10. In a blender, add a couple of spoonfulls of paprika and a slice of butter. IMG_0417
  11. Using a ladle transfer portions of potato, pumpkin and stock
  12. All of the soup wont fit in one blend, so don’t overfill it! IMG_0421
  13. Blend until you’re happy with the consistency, adding more stock or more vegetables to suit the texture.
  14. Pour the first batch into a bowl & continue to blend more stock/vegetables with paprika and butter until it’s all blended. IMG_0426
  15. Combine in a bowl
  16. Serve with sourcream, a sprinkle of paprika and some coriander for decoration! IMG_0428
  17. Enjoy with best of friends

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